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Bike Handlebars for Carpal Tunnel: How to Relieve Symptoms

A person holding their wrist that is glowing red in pain showing where carpal tunnel is.

Though cycling can be a great way to get less intense exercise than jogging or running, it soon becomes a nightmare if your hands start experiencing pain or numbness due to carpel tunnel. There may not be handlebars explicitly made for cyclists with carpel tunnel, some designs may help you enjoy the cycling experience with less pain or reduced symptoms.

There is no set of cycling handlebars that will ultimately take away the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome while you cycle, but it’s possible that sweptback handlebars can help you reduce the pain. Most of the time, the handlebars that help the most also allow you to sit more upright.

As stated above, there is no specific set of handlebars that will be a cure-all for your carpel tunnel symptoms while cycling. However, some suggestions from others with carpel tunnel syndrome may help you if you want to stay active while waiting for your surgery date or if you can’t afford the surgery yet. Additionally, it is best to test the handlebars before buying to be sure they work for you.

The Best Handlebars To Reduce Carpel Tunnel Symptoms

If you are looking for handlebars that you can use while cycling that will help you reduce the pain or discomfort you may feel if you have carpel tunnel syndrome, there are several recommendations that may help you.

NOTE: It is essential to remember that you need to get the best handlebars that suit your situation, and even if they help, you should ideally get the surgery for even better results.

Sweptback Handlebars

Sweptback handlebars like these ones on Amazon, unlike straight handlebars, have a bend on both sides where the grip is usually attached.

This style means that the middle of the handlebar is likely to be straight, but the ends will bend back towards the rider, allowing for a bit more comfort and better posture.

However, these handlebars are also popular among people that choose to cycle with carpel tunnel syndrome since they can help reduce the amount or severity of the symptoms.

This handlebar style is helpful for people with carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems because it allows the rider to reduce the stress and pressure they put on their hands by making it possible for them to sit more upright.

Spank Vibrocore Handlebar

Though this is a specific handlebar by a specific brand and not exactly a type of handlebar, the reason it may help you reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is pretty sound.

This specific handlebar is made to reduce the vibration you usually feel while riding a bike. One of the main focuses of this handlebar is to reduce numbness. Though this may not help everyone, reducing vibration is something you need to consider.

This handlebar isn’t completely straight, which may also help reduce the weight and stress on your hands when cycling, but it may be more effective for some people. Finding different handlebars with similar features may also help you reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome while cycling.

Ideally, you would want a style of handlebar that bends towards you so you do not have to stretch too much or lean forward to reach the handlebar. This will help lessen the stress on your wrists and hands.

Bike handlebars wrapped in red padded tape that are upswept to a different angle.
There are handlebars that will help ease wrist pain for carpal tunnel

Upswept, Backswept, And Shock Absorbing

If you have the time and money to look for the absolute best handlebar to help reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, these are the three things you need to look for when deciding which ones to buy.

I will explain each component individually to explain why this is the best combination for reducing the symptoms.

  1. Upswept handlebars are bent upward to a degree, which can help reduce the bending to reach the grips on your bicycle. Though this may seem like a redundant detail to worry about, one of the best ways to help reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is to practice better posture and keep your wrists straight, which is why a slight bend upwards can help you so much.
  2. Backswept handlebars keep you in a more upright position while cycling by bringing the grips close to you and allowing you to have your hands in a more natural position. This feature can be a great way to help reduce carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.
  3. Shock-absorbing handlebars, though usually more expensive and not always easy to find, can reduce the impact and vibration your hands receive while cycling. By reducing the impact on your hands and wrists, you may reduce the effect of numbness while cycling.

Other Things That May Help The Symptoms Of Carpel Tunnel

Though this section isn’t specifically about the type of handlebar you buy, it is related to it since the grips on your handlebars can also help you improve the pain and numbness you may feel while cycling with carpel tunnel syndrome.

Again, it is essential to remember that this is not a way to fix carpel tunnel syndrome. You will likely still have some pain or discomfort, but buying the correct type of grips may help you reduce the symptoms during and after your next cycle.

The best type of grips are soft padded, or vibration-reducing grips. These types of grips will work similarly to the handlebars discussed above, reducing the stress on your hands and wrists and helping to avoid numbness.

A woman with a wrist brace on and supporting her wrist with her other hand.


Though there is no one set of handlebars that will ultimately take away the pain or discomfort from cycling with carpal tunnel, there are some handlebars that may help you reduce some symptoms.

It is essential that you are comfortable with the handlebar you buy since that is a big part of reducing the strain on your hands and wrists.

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