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Why Does Bike Seat hurts butt? Fix it Now

If you are a professional or even just a cyclist the common question you could have asked yourself at some point of riding that “why does bike seat hurts butt?

The answer to this is whenever you sit on a bike seat; most of your weight gets distributed on two very small bones on the bottom of your pelvis. This is why you usually feel a little sore after a ride. Additionally, in the case of long rides, this can lead to soreness. Here are some more convenient and experienced suggestions to prevent this soreness and make your riding comfortable!

Why Bike Seat hurts butt?

A bike fit that is too tight or too loose, friction, discomfort, and bumpy roads can lead to butt pain. A comfortable bike doesn’t always mean that you have to invest a fortune on it. Adding a few minutes to your off-the-bike sessions and modifying your training schedule should be all you need. For more comprehensive ideas, scroll down below!

Why does the butt hurt while riding a bike?

Bike Seat hurts butt? Fix it Now

When you feel your butt or crotch hurting after riding your bike for just a few minutes, it is usually due to:

  • Reason 1 – An improperly aligned saddle or seat post.
  • Reason 2 – Poor positioning of the handlebars
  • Reason 3 – Inadequate design or fit of the saddle
  • Reason 4 – Worn out or low-quality saddles.
  • Reason 5 – Sitting on the saddle the wrong way around
  • Reason 6 – The saddle is in contact with excess fabric or body tissue.

Quick tips to enhance your comfort while riding a bike

  • Take a few moments every 10 minutes to stand up on your pedals.
  • Use your legs to absorb shock as you stand over bumps.
  • Choosing a bike with full suspension (best for mountain biking) is a better alternative than a bike with suspension seatpost (found on some recreation bikes and commuting bikes).
  • Protect your legs from bumps with padded bike shorts. Set the shorts up with wicking socks to wick moisture away from the skin.

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How To Make Bike Seat Comfortable When Hurts Butt

Commuting comfortably is very important. No matter how far you ride, choosing a bike seat that doesn’t cause pain is essential. Getting used to any new saddle takes time. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable on your first few bike rides, especially when you’re riding longer distances.

If you want to find the best bike seat, you need to test different sizes, shapes, and layer thicknesses at your local bike shop.

Bike Seats with Center Cutouts

It is best if the bike seat has a center cutout. This type of seat protects your perineum. You have a bunch of nerves and arteries in that area between your sit bones. With their cut out center, these seats are comfortable for the perineum. During long, humid rides, the airflow of the saddle keeps it cool and more comfortable.

Choosing your Bike Seat Cushion

Secondly, choosing a saddle that is minimally cushioned is a good option. Alternatively, you can use a commuting saddle that is thickly cushioned.

A foam cushion offers more support and comfort than gel, making it a popular choice for road riders. Typically, firmer foam or gel is preferred for longer rides or riders who weigh over 200 lbs. or who have healthy sit bones as it does not compact as rapidly as softer foam or gel.

Suitable Bike Saddle Materials

Bike saddles available in different materials including synthetic, leather, and cotton. When it comes to choosing a bike seat material, you need to make sure it is suitable for your riding style in order to ensure that it will last a long time while remaining dry and comfortable at all times.

Bike Seat pain – Female Vs Male

The saddles on the market are explicitly designed both for male or female. The reason for this is that since there is a difference in anatomy, a slight adjustment in arrangement needs to be made in order to make the device work properly in terms of promoting blood flow and relieving delicate tissues.

It is common for women to suffer from coccyx pain while cycling because their coccyx’s are more mobile and vulnerable than male coccyx. In an upright riding position, the bicycle saddle is very close to the coccyx. Most of the time, this is caused by too soft or too narrow bicycle saddles.

It is important, however, to keep in mind that the bike seat pain male or a female, the solution is common. There is no single “accurate way” that will prove to be effective for both. Ideally, you should adjust the bike so that it fits your body type and riding style. Your riding experience is completely dependent on how you feel.

How to treat a sore bum after cycling?

The struggle with saddle soreness is real whether you are an avid cyclist or a newbie. So there’s the possibility that you may lose your spirit for biking and do your best when you feel discomfort and tenderness in your bum.  No worries! A sore bum can be soothed in many simple yet effective ways. We recommend the following.

Take an enough break

Taking a break from cycling have found to be extremely beneficial. Give a time for your body to heal and avoid overuse injuries. You will feel fully recover soon.

Rub some ice

Icing your butt can be extremely effective. It reduces inflammation. You may experience soreness, redness, and swelling on your butt when you ride a bike because of constant friction and pressure. As blood vessels constrict and flow is slowed down to the affected area, icing can help reduce inflammation.

Use cushion

Bikes support your weight through the saddle, which can cause undue pressure on the buttocks, abdomen, and related areas. Using a saddle that is not fit for your body can cause irritation, discomfort, and soreness. When you sit on a cushion, your weight will be distributed more evenly across the saddle, alleviating this pressure.

Choose the appropriate clothing

Wearing the right clothing while cycling can make a big difference in how comfortable you are. Keep your clothing in a comfortable range. Loose clothing can bunch up and cause friction, whereas tight clothing can restrict blood flow.

Medicated creams

It is beneficial to use healing creams for treating saddle discomfort after biking as they soothe the skin, reduce inflammation, and aid in fast healing. So creams can effectively provide relief and aid in the healing process when dealing with a sore bum, especially after long periods of biking.

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FAQs about Bike Seat hurts butt:

Does bike seat pain go away?

Eventually, the sit bones will get used to high pressure loads and they will feel less uncomfortable. So its not surprising if you feel some discomfort and pain in your sit bones at the beginning or when changing to a new saddle shape that you have never used before.

Does bike seat hurt perineum?

It may be a good idea to tilt your seat forward if you suffer from perineal pain while riding. It can be uncomfortable riding a road bike with a flat saddle. In case you have already changed the saddle height and saddle angle but still experience discomfort, your riding style might be the cause of the problem.

How long until bike seat stops hurting?

It relies on how long you are riding it.  However, a ride for 30 minutes or an hour is okay. But it can be painful later, if you are having a bad fit saddle.

Wrapping up!

In spite of the fact that cycling is a great sport, a great way to stay fit, and a great form of transportation, many people experience pain in the butts due to the saddles. But hope this provided information about “why does bike seat hurts butt” is helpful to you if you are facing the same issue.

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