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Giant Vs. Diamondback: Which Bike Is Better? Full Comparison

A person on a mountain bike on a gravel road next to a meadow with a huge mountain in the background on a sunny day.

Bike manufacturers Giant and Diamondback are both well-known internationally and have devoted customers, which is growing over time. If you are a novice, finding the brand that is best suited to meet your needs or offers the most excellent goods and services can be challenging. Looking at Giant versus Diamondback, which offers the better bike?

Giant offers bikes across all classifications and sells online and offline, while Diamondback has a narrower inventory and focuses on online sales. The bike companies vary in their:

  • cost
  • quality of production
  • characteristics
  • bike lines
  • selling methods

Now that we have a general idea of how they differ, let’s look at the two companies. Giant and Diamondback both provide a lot for what you pay. These two manufacturers are both good options if you’re on a tight budget and want to acquire the most excellent frame and components.

We shall now examine what both brands have to offer you, so be sure to read on.

Looking At Giant Vs. Diamondback Bikes

Giant and Diamondback offer great bikes, there is no doubt about that. However, everyone has their own opinion on the matter of comparing bike brands. So to begin, we are looking at basic background information of each and giving you a taste of what can be expected from them.


Taiwanese company Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. has been in business since 1972. Although they had a rocky beginning, they eventually developed cooperation with Schwinn and took over their supply in 1980, which allowed them to control the market. With the aid of more than 12,000 retail locations, Giant now provides bikes of all types in more than 50 countries.

It is acknowledged as one of the world’s biggest bike manufacturers. Giant sells everything from expensive bikes to cheap bikes and everything in between. Whatever riding style you favor, Giant has a product for you and offers a full range of:

  • bicycles
  • accessories
  • services

Giant revolutionized the cycling industry by introducing:

  • carbon fiber bikes
  • lighter, sturdier aluminum frames
  • cutting-edge Compact Road technology

With Maestro Suspension, they also reinvented off-road performance bikes.


Diamondback is an American company that offers bikes of the most outstanding caliber at reasonable costs. The brand, established in 1977, rose to fame in the 1990s for its BMX bikes.

FUN FACT: Diamondback emerged as one of the most well-known bike brands in the world after quickly gaining international attention.

While most of their bicycles are reasonably priced, they do not skimp on quality. They sell primarily mid-range bikes.

Diamondback did away with the intermediaries who separated them from the buyer. They offer high-quality bikes at a lower cost as a result; however, they also produce high-end bikes.

A blue bmx bike in a forest leaning up against a tree.
Diamondback became a famous brand with their BMX bikes

The Reputations Of Giant Vs. Diamondback Bikes

Giant has a tremendous reputation, yet they occasionally face criticism online. You see them all over the place and they aren’t as glamorous as the more premium bikes, primarily because people think of them as being a bike for more casual riders.

NOTE: This is unreasonable because those who speak in such a manner often purchase expensive bikes. 

One of the few brands capable of competing with Giant in the lowest division is Diamondback. The more extreme population on forums like to give Diamondback a lot of flack, but they make good bikes.

Diamondback produces high-quality frames that are ideal for those on a budget. They are high-quality bikes for a reasonably modest price.

There is no clear winner because Giant and Diamondback are both excellent options. Always choose the bike that suits you the best. With Diamondback, that will be challenging as the majority of their bikes are only purchasable online.

How Do Giant And Diamondback Compare In Terms Of Price?

When evaluating Giant’s line-up, the discrepancies are even more pronounced. The price differences between the lowest and most costly bikes are enormous. Giant is a massive organization with numerous factories, so it makes sense.

FACT: Giant aims to serve all markets, and the brand, like its line-up, is enormous.

Examining the prices on both websites, compared to Giant, Diamondback clearly offers a considerably smaller selection of bikes.

It is evident that they are not that far off when comparing the most affordable and most costly bikes in the same category. You can conclude that Diamondback concentrates on the lower end of the market.

Because they only sell their bikes to online retailers and major department shops, Diamondback is capable of providing low prices. They are superior to the bikes you would get at Walmart, and occasionally, you may purchase them at a significant discount.

Potential Problems Regarding Buying Diamondback Bikes Online

The most significant difficulty here is what to do if your bike breaks down. What should be done if your bike breaks after two months, even though Diamondback only has a 30-day return policy?

Sending a bike back or having it fixed can be difficult. Fortunately, Diamondback offers excellent customer service, and customers appear to be happy with how they address problems and concerns.

The issue of assembling still exists. Even though Diamondback offers straightforward assembly instructions, the bike will still need to be fine-tuned a little.

You may prefer to have a bike shop handle this instead since not everybody knows how to do it properly. While hiring a professional will spare you a lot of work, it will increase the overall cost of your bike.

Purchasing a bike from a local bike shop is very different from this. Even if you might have to spend a little bit extra, you get many benefits like one year of free maintenance, in some instances. Additionally, the bike does not need to be put together and tuned by you.

The Sort Of Warranties To Expect From Giant Vs. Diamondback

With the exception of downhill, Giant offers a lifetime warranty on all frames. Forks, for example, come with a one- to ten-year warranty.

Diamondback offers its customers a lifetime warranty on rigid frames and five years on full-suspension frames.

NOTE: There are not many significant differences when it comes to comparing the warranty of each.

A person on a high desert mountain riding a mountain bike on a dirt path with blue sky and puffy clouds in the background.
Either brand will give you an exciting and comfortable ride

What To Expect From Giant Vs. Diamond Bikes

Regarding specifications and features, each bike brand is renowned for the impressive combination of features they assembled on their bikes. High-performance specifications guarantee you can make the most of your bike and have an exciting and comfortable ride.

Beginners can begin their biking journeys with regular range selections from either company, since both offer:

  • anodized aluminum chassis
  • adjustable frame geometry
  • progressive suspension

NOTE: The only e-bikes Diamondback offers are regular e-bikes, so if you’re looking for electric mountain bikes, we advise you to choose Giant.

Additionally, apart from Giant offering a more extensive selection of high-end luxury bikes, the use of various brakes may be the most apparent difference seen between the companies. However, the brakes on both company’s bikes have comparable:

  • performance
  • upkeep
  • power

If you’re looking to buy a road bike, the least expensive road bike from Giant is comparable to the most expensive road bike from Diamondback.

Road bikes from Diamondback start at around $1,000 and don’t exceed around $3,300. The prices of Giant go far beyond that, where you could perhaps have bought a decent used car with your budget.

Both companies sell full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. Make sure to check the components to see which brand offers the best parts. Also, compare the prices of the less expensive hardtails from both manufacturers.

NOTE: Due to the additional components, a complete suspension is typically much more expensive.

Only low-cost gravel bikes are available from Diamondback. Even their most expensive model is still less expensive than the Giant Revolt Advanced Pro Force, which starts at around $5,500.

Depending on how serious of a biker you are and what budget you are working with, will significantly sway your decision to go for one brand over the other.

Giant offers an enormous selection of bikes in every price range, from entry-level to luxury models. Diamondback sells a small selection of budget-friendly bikes as well as a few expensive models.

If you’re hoping to purchase a cheap new bike, Diamondback and Giant are both excellent options at the low end. If you are not searching for anything too fancy and want to spend less than $600, it may well be worth considering looking at used bikes.


The final decision will come down to:

  • the purchase method
  • your budget
  • what you are looking for in a bike

If you are sure of what you want and hope to save some money, buy a budget-friendly Diamondback bike. However, Giant is the best choice if you do not mind spending a little more and want something that will provide you with a hassle-free experience.

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