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Are Mongoose Bikes Good? Full Guide with Pros, Cons & More

Mongoose bikes have an incredible and rich history. The company was founded in 1974 from a garage in Southern California. Today, bikes are still made right here in the United States of America. Mongoose is a globally recognized brand, but today we will discuss whether Mongoose bikes are good.

If you’re looking for an entry-level to mid-range bike, you cannot go wrong with Mongoose, whether you are looking at their mountain bike or BMX range. The company uses premium components for its drivetrain, including Shimano and SRAM. Overall, Mongoose bikes perform wonderfully for the price.

What makes Mongoose a good choice for any beginner or intermediate riders? Much needs to be discussed if you consider buying one of these bikes.

This article will give you a brief idea about what are Mongoose bikes good for, their different kinds, and also a comparison with other brands to help you get a clear view. Keep reading till the end.

A kid with a helmet doing a bike trick.

History and Overview of Mongoose

Mongoose bikes have been an iconic name in the cycling industry for decades, known for their high-performance and durable designs. Mongoose Bikes was founded by Skip Hess as BMX Products, Inc. in September 1974. In those days, there were few BMX bike dealers and Mongoose rapidly became a world-famous brand.

Despite the high demand, they produced 600 bike frames a day leading to their great success. They were eventually sold to Dorel Industries (owned by Pacific Cycle) in the 2000s due to competition and other economic factors. In recent years, the brand has grown relatively steadily and has diversified into scooters and mountain bikes.

Are Mongoose Bikes Good?

The Mongoose brand is known for its high-quality bicycles. This company offers BMX, Mountain Bikes and Fat Tire bikes that are competitively priced as compared to most other brands. Further, they are well known for their entry-level bikes, men’s, women’s, and children’s bikes.

Among all the bikes manufactured by Mongoose, mountain bikes are the most durable and perform best. But are Mongoose mountain bikes good? Yes, 100%. The handlebars, tires, frames, and tubes of these bikes are sturdy and tough, so they can better handle steep, rocky terrains.

Also, these bikes are available at incredibly reasonable prices and will not break the bank.  So to give you a clear overview below we will discuss each of Mongoose Bikes’ bike types in greater detail, so you can decide whether Mongoose is a good bike brand.

Mongoose Bikes Pros And Cons

To help you decide whether Mongoose bikes are good or bad, we have made a quick breakdown of the pros and cons. Check it out!

Good PerformanceRoad bikes are hard to find
Large selection of bikesLack of high-end bikes
DurabilityLower-end bikes use steel frames
Premium components used on the drivetrain
Great value for money
Intelligent designs on most bikes
Great customer service

The pros of Mongoose bikes significantly outweigh the cons, and it is safe to say that Mongoose makes excellent bikes. Not only do these bikes perform well, but they will last a relatively long time, provided you maintain them correctly.

Does Mongoose Make High-End Bikes?

Compared to some manufacturers, Mongoose does not make high-end bikes. However, that does not mean that their bikes are bad. Instead, you are getting great value for money, especially in the mid-range market.

The most expensive bike from Mongoose is the Salvo Comp 29; you can find it on Amazon here, costing around $2000. That bike has a T2 aluminum frame, SRAM components, and more. So, it is by no means a low-end bike, but at $2000, it is not a high-end bike either.

An example of a genuinely high-end bike would be the Yeti 160 E which can cost upwards of $13,000. It took Yeti more than five years of research and development to develop that bike. It has a wealth of features, such as an anti-squat feature that separate it from the competition.

How To Determine If A Bike Is Good

Reviewing a bike is not easy; a lot of effort goes into it. You cannot say whether a bike is good or not unless you have experience and know what to look for. In addition, not all bikes are the same, and manufacturers carefully choose where they want to make compromises if they have to.

Here are five things I always look out for when trying to determine whether or not a bike is good:

  • Durability and frame
  • What components are used
  • Performance
  • Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Variety

Are Mongoose Bikes Strong, And What Frames Do They Use?

Mongoose designs their frames. They are typically made from high-quality aluminum and built to be strong while not too heavy. There are three frames that Mongoose usually uses:

  • T2 aluminum: These are reserved for mid to top-of-the-range bikes.
  • T1 aluminum: These frames are used on entry-level bikes.
  • Steel: Some bikes, including the BMX range, use steel frames.

Mongoose mountain bikes are durable. But, again, you are getting great value for money. The bike can ride almost any trail or jump any dirt ramp. It does have its limitations, but a casual or intermediate rider will hardly have the chance to test them.

If used casually, a Mongoose mountain bike can last decades. However, for the more serious rider, you can expect the bike to last a couple of years before components will start needing to be replaced.

On the other hand, if you are wondering are Mongoose BMX bikes good, the answer is yes. But we personally recommend checking Mongoose BMX bikes like this one (Amazon link). It is known for being some of the strongest on the market. Some frames are held in such a regard that they are still sold today as classic bikes or frames.

Mongoose adventure bikes, such as this men’s version on Amazon, are also relatively strong, and because those don’t typically get used on harsh terrain, you can expect them to last as long as most other mid-tier bikes, about 20 to 30 years.

2 people riding bikes down a paved path with flowers growing on each side.
Mongoose bikes will last a long time, especially for casual use

What Components Do Mongoose Bikes Use?

It does not matter how strong a bike is or how innovative its frames and technology are; if a company does not use the right components for the drivetrain, the bike will perform poorly. So, what components does Mongoose use for their bikes?

On most BMX bikes, Mongoose likes to go with in-house components which have been tried and tested for decades in the BMX community. So, even though you are not getting Shimano, you are still getting a high-quality drivetrain that will perform well for the price.

For other bikes, such as mountain and adventure bikes, you are getting the best in the industry, which includes Shimano and SRAM.

On their most premium bike, the Salvo Comp 29, a full suspension mountain bike, Mongoose has decided to go with SRAM for most of the drivetrain components.

Mongoose Bikes: Performance Review

We know that Mongoose makes entry-level to mid-range bikes in a highly competitive market. The best way to judge its performance is to approach it differently based on each component. Let’s jump into it!

  • Handling: Mongoose bikes handle fine. There is nothing critical to say about the handling, but at the same time, there is nothing special about it.
  • Speed: Using a mountain bike on a flat road, you can easily hit 15 mph. The speed is excellent, and because the cycle is not sluggish, generating momentum is relatively easy.
  • Comfort: Again, the comfort of a Mongoose bike is OK. They typically use an in-house saddle and seatpost.
  • Weight: Mongoose does feel lightweight compared to other bikes in the same price range, but it is essential to remember that the cycle doesn’t have many added features. So, it is expected that the bike will be lightweight.

Mongoose bikes are not sluggish, meaning you don’t have to exert more energy than what is needed to generate momentum. For me, that is what stands out most about Mongoose. In addition, the bikes are pretty straightforward; they aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, which is a good thing.

Whether choosing a $500 bike or the $2000 Salvo Comp, Mongoose makes well-rounded bikes.

What are Mongoose bikes prices?

The official Mongoose website says their most expensive bike is $2000. That is the top of the range, but most of their bikes cost less than $1000. It does not really matter what your budget is; the company has something for you. Some of their bikes go for less than $300.

When shopping for a low-end bike, between the $300 and $500 mark, you will get a bike that lasts a while; they don’t skimp much on build quality. The most significant difference in the frame is that instead of using T2 aluminum, they use T1 for entry-level bikes.

When discussing the price of a bike, it is always important to remember to compare the cycle to other manufacturers. In this regard, Mongoose offers excellent value for money.

A bike being ridden on a road, wheels view.
Mongoose bikes are very good value for the quality

Are Mongoose Bikes Hard To Maintain?

The most significant factor when discussing whether or not a bike is hard to maintain is whether or not the parts are readily available. Luckily Mongoose bikes use some of the most popular components, and you can find those in most bike shops.

Additionally, Mongoose sells their frames, so if your frame gets damaged and you cannot claim from insurance, then you can buy just a frame and replace it yourself.

To best maintain your Mongoose bike, it is essential to remember to keep it clean and be mindful when riding it. Also, ensure your tire pressure is OK, and don’t use the bike beyond its limits. For example, don’t use a cargo bike to go mountain biking.

What Bikes Does Mongoose Make?

Mongoose started as a BMX company. The bikes were made in a garage, but they were made by somebody passionate about the sport, Skip Hess. Until 1985, the company did not sell any other type of bike.

However, the company was sold, and Mongoose started making mountain bikes. Decades later, the company has expanded, and here’s what type of bike you can expect to find from the company:

BMX Bikes:

  • Race BMX
  • Freestyle BMX
  • Big wheel BMX

Mountain Bikes:

  • Cross-country mountain bikes
  • Trail bikes
  • Full suspension
  • Dirt jump
  • Fat bikes

Adventure Bikes:

  • Gravel
  • Cargo bikes

Mongoose makes road bikes; however, they are typically only available from major retailers such as Walmart. As of writing this article, you can’t order one online on the company’s website.

Mongoose Bestseller Bikes

Below you can check some of the bestsellers Mongoose bikes available on Amazon:

  1. Mongoose Malus Mens and Women Fat Tire Mountain Bike

2. Mongoose Flatrock Youth/Adult Hardtail Mountain Bike

3. Mongoose Rockadile Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike

Are Mongoose Bikes Competitive?

One sign as to whether or not a bike is good is if it is used on the competitive circuit. Luckily, Mongoose has a significant presence in the mountain biking scene and the BMX scene.

The company has been competitive for a few decades and has built a team that still delivers excellent results. If you want to know more about the Mongoose team and their professional riders, I highly recommend checking out this page.

Mongoose Vs. Schwinn Vs. Trek: Which Is Best?

Mongoose vs Schwinn and Mongoose vs Trek are the questions I get asked often because the three brands are incredibly similar. However, they compete in terms of:

  • Frame Construction
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Price

Frame Construction

Mongoose: It’s no secret that Mongoose makes good bike frames. Their lightweight aluminum alloy and steel construction makes them easy to carry. In the cycling industry, Mongoose is known for making quality bikes with good frame construction at an affordable price.

Schwinn: Performance-minded individuals prefer aluminum frame because it is lightweight and stiffer, and Schwinn bikes offer them that. But you can easily tell the quality difference between Mongoose and Schwinn frames.

Trek: By taking an integrated approach to frame design and construction, Trek is able to fine-tune frames in order to make them stiffer where necessary, but I feel they still need an upgrade.


Mongoose: Mongoose is a great brand for entry to mid-level mountain bikes. The bikes they sell are sturdy, of decent quality, and effective.

Schwinn: The Schwinn brand is an excellent choice for hobby riders and beginners. Despite being built of good quality, unfortunately, Schwinn bikes made with entry-level components are not suitable for serious riders.

Trek: Trek bikes are built of good quality. Designed with high-quality materials and providing efficient performance, these bike tires can handle even the toughest mountain terrain.


Mongoose: You can’t go wrong with the Mongoose bike. This bike can handle any terrain or condition thanks to its wide tires, durable frame, and powerful brakes.

Schwinn: Schwinn bikes are very reliable and strong. They feature gear changes, suspensions, and strong brakes that will withstand shocks and jerks. For rough use, these tires are solid, thick, and durable.

Trek: A rigorous safety standard is followed during the design, manufacturing, testing, and certification of each Trek bike. Using and maintaining Trek’s e-bikes correctly will greatly enhance your experience riding a bicycle.


Mongoose: There are good bikes available at Mongoose Bikes for all budgets. Hence, it is easily affordable for all riders who are seeking a great model that suits their budget.

Schwinn: You can estimate the bike’s value more accurately if you know more about it and its condition. Though the brand has various categories, it is why you can expect it to be worth thousands of dollars.

Trek: Trek bikes are quite expensive as the brand claims to because of cutting–edge tech and exceptional performance. But you have two other options in your hand.

To summarize, all bikes are great options for those looking to get either an entry-level or mid-range bike. The biggest thing that separates these three companies is the number of cycles they have to offer; Schwinn has a wider variety.

Having a wider variety gives Schwinn the edge only if you are unsure what you are looking for. However, if you know what you want, then Mongoose, Schwinn, and Trek are all great options, and I cannot say that one is better than the other.

What Cycle Brand Is Similar To Mongoose?

If you are still unsure whether you want a Mongoose bike or not and are looking for something similar, some brands compete with Mongoose. These brands include:

  • Schwinn
  • Carrera
  • Giant Bikes
  • Trek

Giant bikes and Trek are on this list because they offer similar products to Mongoose. The most significant differences are those manufacturers are enormous and have the widest selection of bikes, including ones that could be considered high-end.

Who Are Mongoose Bikes Made For?

Whether you are looking at mountain biking, commuting, or even BMX, Mongoose makes bikes for beginner and intermediate riders. However, because of the price-to-performance ratio, you could say that they make bikes for most people simply due to affordability.

A rider on a mountain bike over steep rocky terrain.
Mongoose makes beginner and intermediate mountain bikes

I should add that most riders do not progress beyond an intermediate level unless they try to be competitive. So, please don’t use the fact that they don’t make high-end bikes as a reason not to choose Mongoose.

Does Mongoose Sell Unisex Bikes?

Mongoose sells a large variety of both men’s and woman’s bikes. Some bikes are also considered unisex, as both can use them.

If you are having difficulty finding a unisex bike or one made for women, there is an easy way to ensure that you can select any bike you want and still make it comfortable.

  • First, most bikes come in different sizes; get one according to height. Try not to use the “get one size down” method because that doesn’t make much sense. Remember, the size of a bike is based on height and not on width or anything else.
  • Second, you might want to change the saddle and get one that is more comfortable for you.

Those are the only two things that truly separate a man’s bike from a woman’s bike.

Do I Recommend Mongoose Bikes?

If you are into BMX or mountain bikes, I highly recommend Mongoose. What I love about this company is that it offers different types of mountain bikes and BMXs. For example, you can choose to go for trail MTB which will typically be a hardtail or a hybrid. Alternatively, you can go for one of their dirt jumpers, which might be a full-suspension bike.

In terms of BMX, they have a large selection and different disciplines for the category. So, for example, you can go for one of their race bikes or the freestyle version.

FAQs about Mongoose Bikes

What is Mongoose bike insurance policy?

Mongoose offers free insurance for three months with every bike purchase. The motive behind Mongoose bike insurance is to protect against accidental damage and theft worldwide with our highest level of coverage. Aside from public liability and breakdown recovery, this insurance has plenty of additional features.

Who makes Mongoose bikes?

BMX Products, Inc. originally designed, manufactured and sold Mongoose bicycles under this brand name. The product is now available through Pacific Cycle.

Which Mongoose bike is the best overall?

Overall, it’s hard to say which Mongoose bike is the best, as everyone has different needs and preferences. Some of Mongoose’s most popular models are considered among the best overall. These include Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire bikes, Mongoose Impasse Mountain bikes, and Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Mountain bikes.

So, Are Mongoose Bikes any Good?

We hope now you have gotten the answer to this most asked question. Despite the cycle industry being massive, this brand has strived to create its own name, and you know how. With that said, are Mongoose bikes good? Yes, they are very good, especially for their price.

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